#33 - Dr. Michael Bedford: Breaking down barriers: the use of phytase on poultry

poultry podcast Apr 11, 2023

The enzyme phytase plays a crucial role in poultry nutrition, since it breaks down phytic acid – a component of most plant-based feed ingredients – as well as releases phosphorus and other nutrients for the birds. Thus, phytase promotes better growth and development for poultry by improving the availability of phosphorus while reducing the amount of it that is excreted in manure. In this episode, Dr. Michael Bedford discusses the use of phytase and other enzymes in poultry feed formulations to improve performance and sustainability, along with opportunities and challenges regarding the topic.


What you’ll learn:

1. The use of phytases in poultry

2. The historical use of enzymes in poultry

3. The price of phytase

4. The interaction of phytases with the genetics of birds

5. Phytase chemistry and mode of action

6. The complexity of the digestion and absorption of phytase

7. The current potential value of fiber

8. Challenges in getting people to use enzymes correctly

9. Fiber and enzyme updates


Meet the guest

Dr. Michael Bedford


Current: Research Director at AB Vista

○ Past: Research Director at Danisco; Research Director at Syngenta


Ph.D., Nutrition and Biochemistry (University of Guelph)

○ M.Sc., Nutrition (University of Guelph)

○ B.Sc., Animal Nutrition (University of Nottingham)

Hobby: cycling.

Favorite book, movie or TV series: my favorite books are A man called Ove and The Rosie project; my favorite TV Series are Paradise Lost and Killing Eve.

Favorite quote: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

A tip for success: The 80:20 rule for sure. Research has to take into account the 4 Ps – Production (i.e. can we make it?), Profit, Protection (e.g. IP) and Permission (regulatory) – if it is going to succeed.

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