#36 - Dr. Pratima Adhikari: Cracking the Code of Laying Hen Nutrition: Tips and Tricks

poultry podcast May 09, 2023

Nutrition plays a vital role in the production of laying hens – and it all begins with pullet nutrition. Providing the birds with a well-balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs from the outset is crucial, and so their feeding program should be tailored according to their age, weight, and production stage. Also, it should never be forgotten that adequate nutrition not only promotes optimal egg production, but also enhances the overall health and welfare of laying hens. In this episode, Dr. Pratima Adhikari sheds light on the significance of nutrition for the growth and development of laying hens by emphasizing the importance of providing them with a balanced diet that meets their nutritional requirements throughout their entire lives.


What you’ll learn:

1. General aspects of pullet nutrition

2. Diet formulation and pullet bone structure

3. The role of nutrition in strengthening the gut of the birds to deal with Salmonella

4. The effects of nutritional interventions on the microbiome of the birds

5. Calcium, limestone, and shell quality

6. Advice for those wanting to follow a career in poultry nutrition

7. Useful tools for a scientific career


Meet the guest

Dr. Pratima Adhikari


 Current: Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University

○ Past: Graduate Research Assistant at University of Georgia


 Ph.D., Poultry Science (University of Georgia)

○ M.Sc., Animal Nutrition (University of Manitoba)

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