#37 - Dr. Fernando Sampedro: Minimizing Salmonella Contamination Risks in the Poultry Industry

May 16, 2023

During the past few years, risk assessments for Salmonella in poultry have made significant advances – and that is excellent: as public health risks associated with this foodborne pathogen grow, effective risk management strategies must be identified and implemented. To minimize Salmonella contamination risks, the poultry industry has been examining its current practices and maximizing the use of its existing tools. So in this episode, Dr. Sampedro shares his experience with understanding the risks the pathogen poses in food and developing more effective ways to manage those risks.

What you’ll learn:

1. Salmonella control and risk assessment

2. Effective food safety measures and regulations

3. Processing control points

4. Tolerance levels for Salmonella in food products

5. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) 

6. Public awareness of Salmonella sources of contamination

7. Technologies to avoid Salmonella contamination

8. Future research and development


Meet the guest

Dr. Fernando Sampedro


      ○ Current: Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota 

      ○ Past: Global Key Opinion Leader - Food Safety, at 3M


      ○ Ph.D., Food Science and Technology (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Hobby: cooking, especially Spanish food (Paella is my favorite dish to cook, as its original recipe is from Valencia, in Spain).

Favorite book, movie or TV series: my favorite book is The Good Life, by Robert Waldinger – it is the most comprehensive study on happiness, done by Harvard University.

A tip for success: new starters: make lots of contacts, come with fresh eyes, challenge conventional wisdom, recognize they know very little, and be prepared to learn!

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