#39 - Dr. Joseph Giambrone: Vaccination Against Avian Influenza: Safeguarding Poultry

poultry podcast Jun 02, 2023

Avian influenza is a highly contagious virus that infects birds and can also be dangerous to humans. Nevertheless, while it may ruin the poultry industry, disrupting supplies and causing economic losses, there is a solution: vaccination. Vaccines play a critical role in preventing and controlling avian influenza, as they are developed to target specific virus strains and are regularly updated as new ones emerge. In this episode, Dr. Joe Giambrone discusses vaccines for avian influenza and their importance in reducing the severity of the disease and limiting its spread within bird and human populations alike.


What you’ll learn:

1. Vaccines for avian influenza (AI): development and characteristics 

2. The regulatory aspects of vaccines

3. The application methods of vaccines

4. Vaccination concerns regarding exports

5. Response actions with AI positive farms

6. Waterfowl migrations and AI transmission

7. Vaccine development strategies

8. Challenges and opportunities with AI

9. Understanding and targeting the virus 


Meet the guest

Dr. Joseph Giambrone


      ○ Current: Professor Emeritus at Auburn University; Senior Consultant at Better Poultry Health


      ○ Ph.D., Poultry Health and Medical Microbiology (The University of Georgia)

      ○ M.Sc., Farm Health and Production (The University of Delaware)

      ○ B.Sc., Farm Health and Production (The University of Delaware)

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