#34 - Dusty Reynolds: Enhancing Poultry Farming with Autonomous Robotic Solutions

poultry podcast Apr 18, 2023

Robotics has revolutionized the broiler farming industry by allowing unprecedented efficiency and precision: from monitoring the health and growth of individual birds to collecting dead animals, those dynamic machines can perform a wide range of tasks. In this episode, Dusty Reynolds discusses the autonomous robotic solution his company has developed to address the additional labor costs, help poultry management, and improve the poultry industry. He goes deep into the mode of operation, devices involved, benefits, and what is to come next.


What you’ll learn:

1. Robots: bringing technology to poultry

2. Opportunities for automation with broilers

3. How technology is changing poultry

4. The interaction of robots with the broilers and their functionalities

5. Producers' perception of the robots

6. The experience of the robots with turkey operations

7. Robots for laying hen operations

8. The necessary infrastructure for using the robots

9. How growers can use the data generated by robots


Meet the guest

Dusty Reynolds


Current: President at Birds Eye Robotics

○ Past: Founder at HeavyWorth; Co-Founder at Race-Note


B.Sc., Industrial distribution (University of Nebraska)

Hobbies: Dirt track racing and smoking/barbecuing meat.

Favorite book, movie or TV series: I'm a sucker for Ted Lasso. Recently, I've also been deep into mental resiliency and reading books like Can't Hurt Me and Endure.

Favorite quote: "Only the curious have something to find" - Nickel Creek

A tip for success: Treat a human like a human.

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